EEHA - Electrical Equipment in Hazardous Areas Training

Currently Training in: Mackay, Brisbane, Newcastle, Wollongong, Darwin, Hobart, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and New Zealand.

Our EEHA Training course ( or Ex Course, HA Course) is intended for electrical workers, technicians and engineers involved with installing and maintaining electrical equipment in hazardous areas to Australian Standards AS/NZS 4761.1 and AS/NZS 4761.2.

It covers the principles of hazardous area classification, explosion-protection techniques, equipment installation requirements, inspections, and procedures for breakdowns and maintenance, with theory and practical components.

Our course is for Electricians who work or plan to work in hazardous areas; Coal mine / Gas Drainage plants / Food Processing / LNG / Timber milling / Petrochemical Industries.

The course material was designed by an EEM - (Electrical Engineering Manager) with 25 years of experience underground and 15 years as an EEM.

Certificate IV in Hazardous Areas

Volt Edge training can now offer the Qualification Cert IV in Hazardous Areas. Cert IV in Hazardous Areas in a Qualification where EEHA is a skill set of competencies.
UEE 42611 Certificate IV in Hazardous Areas training is the qualification that can be achieved by firstly completing:

-:- EEHA competencies and;

-:- Cert IV Gap Training.

The Cert IV Gap Training is a self paced learning for study external to our facilities and a Credit transfer or RPL of the equivalent Electrical / Instrumentation competencies.


The training is made up of several EEHA competencies:

Installation and Maintenance of Electrical Equipment in Hazardous Areas.

Volt Edge Training is training units of competency from the latest UEE11
ver 1.0


  • EEHA (5 Day) $2,400 AUD (GST Free)- Electrical Equipment for Hazardous Areas (Installation and Maintenance)
  • EEHA Refresher (2 Day) $1,100 AUD (GST Incl) - Electrical Equipment for Hazardous Areas (Installation and Maintenance Refresher)
  • EEHA Overhaul (5 Day) $2,400 AUD (GST Free) - Electrical Equipment for Hazardous Areas (Explosion Protected Equipment Overhaul)

Endorsement offered for Ex 'd', Ex 'e', Ex 'i', Ex 'm', Ex 'n', Ex 'p', ('DIP', or Ex 'tD', Ex 't'), Ex 'mD', Ex 'pD' and mixed explosion-protection techniques.

The EEHA course is initially a 5 day course but if done as a refresher it is a 2 day course, only electricians that have previously done an EEHA accredited course can complete the EEHA refresher course.

At the completion of this course and if found competent the student will receive a Statement of Attainment listing the competencies above.


The EEHA competencies course is a 5 day face to face course conducted in workshop style environment.

The assessment will have 5 Components - Written Assessment 1 & 2 and EEHA Practical Assessments 1 & 2 and an Oral Assessment.

For those interested in applying or simply finding out more information, click on the Volt Edge Training link and send us an Email Volt Edge Training

EEHA REFRESHER - Recognition of Prior Learning:

If you have previously done the EEHA course and have worked in a related industry you are eligible to do the EEHA refresher course. This an RPL and requires you to prove your work history - to apply for the RPL course click the RPL link and Tony will ring you back and conduct an interview to discuss eligibility Interested in EEHA Refresher

Above is a 6 outlet DCB (Distributiion Control Box) that you may be working with if you work in an underground coal mine.
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Government Funding Cert IV in Elect - Instumentation - Volt Edge has been approved for Higher Level Skills funding for Cert IV in Electrical - Instrumentation in QLD only, currently accepting expressions of interest from Qld resident students. Contact 1300 761 366 for more information.,
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Cert IV in Elect - Instumentation - Voltedge is now doing Cert IV in Instrumentation practicals at our Sydney and Melbourne Office,
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Cert IV in Elect - Instumentation - Cert IV $5,000 (GST FREE) Voltedge is now doing Cert IV in Instrumentation Bris Office only, expanding to Sydney soon......

“Volt Edge is opening a Training facility in Sydney, what it means to our students is we will be able to not only teach EEHA but also High Voltage in Sydney, our 400 Sq m facility with two training rooms and parking for 20 people.....

“Volt Edge is now able to deliver Cert IV in Hazadous Areas, it is done in two sections EEHA in class and the Cert IV gap Training online.

Volt Edge opens new improved training venue at Eagle Farm. The new training centre 750 sq M opened 1st of March 2014 with facilities unsupased in the industry......

If you complete one of our courses (EEHA or HV) the second course will have a 10% discount.......

As of 15th April 2013, we will commence delivering the new High Voltage Switching courses. HV Switching Operate, Develop and Perform and High Voltage Switching Coordinate. Click on the Training Calendar to check out the dates and register.....