UEE40411 Certificate IV in Electrical - Instrumentation (Cert IV Instro - Colloquial Name)



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Cert IV in Instrumentation is a qualification which contains a number of core competency units that are also taught in the Cert III in Electro technology (Electrician Trade). Which means it adds on very easily to the Electrical Trades Certificate to upgrade to a Cert IV in Instrumentation.

Beware of some training organisations that give you the question and then 15 minutes later give you the answer - we promise to make you work for it. Be aware of a RTO pretending to be an Electrical Training company - we only do Electrical Training.

Certificate IV in Electrical - Instrumentation has been a very popular course as Electricians see the benefits of not only being an Electrician, but also having an Instrumentation Qualification.

Industry in general has been searching for Qualifications in Instrumentation and this course has so far been the answer. For an Electrician to complete Certificate IV in Electrical - Instrumentation, you must complete the core units;

- UEENEEE117A - Implement and monitor energy sector OHS policies and procedures
- UEENEEE124A - Compile and produce an energy sector detailed report
- UEENEEE038B - Participate in development and follow a personal competency development plan
- UEENEEK145A - Implement and monitor energy sector environmental and sustainable policies and procedures
- UEENEEI101A - instrumentation drawings, specification, standards and equipment manuals
- UEENEEI102A - Solve problems in pressure measurement components and systems
- UEENEEI103A Solve problems in density/level measurement components and systems
- UEENEEI104A - Solve problems in flow measurement components and systems
- UEENEEI105A -Solve problems in temperature measurement components and systems
With the 120 weighted points of electives, this is where Volt Edge is different, every other RTO in Australia has taken the easy approach and taught 2 units of PLC's, Volt Edge teaches the following 4 units;
- UEENEEI106A - Set up and adjust PID control loops
- UEENEEI110A - Set up and adjust advanced PID process control loops
- UEENEEI139A - Diagnose and rectify faults in digital controls systems
- UEENEEI117A - Calibrate, adjust and test measuring instruments

The above four competencies are better suited for an Electrician to understand the intricacies of an instrument technician duties because they are more aliened with the work that takes place within the instrumentation industry. We complete the study with a self paced online assessment and a two week intensive practical assessment.

Another great reason to go with Volt Edge is that the practical can be completed one of two ways;


 - Two week intensive practical (Monday to Friday) two weeks straight or

 - Completely flexible training timetable where the (19) Nineteen separate practicals can be done  on the days you are available (Monday to Friday) obviously it will take you longer if you did it this way, as long as the study is completed in a 12 month period.  Every day that Volt Edge has Instrumentation displayed on its website calendar means that you could book in and do some more of your 19 practical assessments.


Basically we are open to do Instrumentation when you want to study.


Total Training Flexibility!


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Government Funding Cert IV in Elect - Instumentation - Volt Edge has been approved for Higher Level Skills funding for Cert IV in Electrical - Instrumentation in QLD only, currently accepting expressions of interest from Qld resident students. Contact 1300 761 366 for more information.,
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Cert IV in Elect - Instumentation - Voltedge is now doing Cert IV in Instrumentation practicals at our Sydney and Melbourne Office,
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Cert IV in Elect - Instumentation - Cert IV $5,000 (GST FREE) Voltedge is now doing Cert IV in Instrumentation Bris Office only, expanding to Sydney soon......

“Volt Edge is opening a Training facility in Sydney, what it means to our students is we will be able to not only teach EEHA but also High Voltage in Sydney, our 400 Sq m facility with two training rooms and parking for 20 people.....

“Volt Edge is now able to deliver Cert IV in Hazadous Areas, it is done in two sections EEHA in class and the Cert IV gap Training online.

Volt Edge opens new improved training venue at Eagle Farm. The new training centre 750 sq M opened 1st of March 2014 with facilities unsupased in the industry......

If you complete one of our courses (EEHA or HV) the second course will have a 10% discount.......

As of 15th April 2013, we will commence delivering the new High Voltage Switching courses. HV Switching Operate, Develop and Perform and High Voltage Switching Coordinate. Click on the Training Calendar to check out the dates and register.....