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National Accredited Training Provider - RTO 32137

Volt Edge Training is a Nationally Recognised Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and has developed and delivers training packages to the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) and Australian and International Standards. We supply our training to all areas of Australia including; Mackay (Bowen Basin), Gladstone, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Hobart, Newcastle and New Zealand. Check out our Training Calendar by clicking the above tab.

EEHA Training - Electrical Equipment in Hazardous Area

Our Hazardous Area Course is sometimes referred to as HA Course or even an Ex course to Australian Standards AS/NZS 4761.1 and AS/NZS 4761.2. Our EEHA Competencies package are designed to give the Hazardous Area training student a real advantage when they start work in either a coal mine, gas field or any other hazardous area, as our package was designed and is instructed by Tony McKewin, and his specialist trainers.


Electrical Equipment for Hazardous Areas, EEHA is sometimes referred to as HA Training which stands for Hazardous Area Training. In every case though the competencies are defined in AS/NZS 4761.1 and AS/NZS 4761.2 as competencies required to perform Visual, Close and Detailed inspection on Explosion Protected Ex Equipment.


Certificate IV in Hazardous Areas

Volt Edge can now offer the Qualification Cert IV in Hazardous Areas. Cert IV in Hazardous Areas in a Qualification where EEHA is a skill set of competencies.
UEE 42611 Certificate IV in Hazardous Areas training is the qualification that can be achieved by firstly completing:


-:- EEHA competencies and;

-:- Cert IV Gap Training.

The Cert IV Gap Training is a self paced learning for study external to our facilities and a Credit transfer or RPL of the equivalent Electrical / Instrumentation competencies.

Certificate IV in Electrical Instrumentation UEE40411

Volt Edge can now offer E & I Training in the form of a the Qualification Cert IV in Instrumentation. Cert IV in Instrumentation in a Qualification that adds to the Electricians Cert III in Electrotechnology and allows him to perform instrumentation duties accross all industries in Australia. Our course is very practically based where you get to work on the equipment that you will be seeing in the field, we use industry standard instruments Yokogawa, Endress + Hauser and Siemens in our training, calibration and HART controllers.
UEE 40411 Certificate IV in Instrumentation training is the qualification that can be achieved by Electricians, firstly completing:


-:- On line assessment (2 to 6 Weeks)

-:- 2 weeks of Practicals Assessments (Face to Face - Flexible delivery)

The Cert IV instrumentation course is a self paced learning for study external to our facilities and a Credit transfer or RPL of the equivalent Electrical competencies and 18 practical assessments conducted face to face, at the time that suits you.

High Voltage Training

Our High Voltage Operate, Develop and Perform and High Voltage Coordinator courses are nationally accredited courses and have been very popular courses with existing industry and persons seeking High Voltage Switching Training to improve their employment prospects. HVIA or High Voltage Isolation and Access is the main reason why it is taken so seriously as the access means some one will, after all is said and done, touch the HV lines or apparatus. Therefore, it must be isolated, proven de-energised and shorted to earth to be considered safe. (HV) High Voltage Training is generally renewed every two years.

Volt Edge has dedicated HV training facilities in Mackay, Brisbane, Perth Darwin and Melbourne.

Electrical Engineering Manager Competencies (EEM)

The EEM (or the MEE - Manager Electrical Engineer- in New South Wales) is the key person responsible for the electrical operation and safety at a coal mine. Volt Edge has designed a comprehensive course structure for people wanting to push their career to this pinnacle. To register for our EEM course contact us.

Our Trainers

The training will give the student a combination of Essential Knowledge and Critical Skills. The combination of this training and the experience of our trainers means we train the best Electricians in Australia. Volt Edge has two operating business names Mackay Electrical Training and Melbourne Electrical Training.

Volt Edge Training specialises in the training of High Voltage Electricians and EEHA Electricians to the petrochemical, oil and gas industries and underground coal mines in Australia or Overseas on request:

Specialised Electrical Training available on request.

News / Events

Government Funding Cert IV in Elect - Instumentation - Volt Edge has been approved for Higher Level Skills funding for Cert IV in Electrical - Instrumentation in QLD only, currently accepting expressions of interest from Qld resident students. Contact 1300 761 366 for more information.,
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Cert IV in Elect - Instumentation - Voltedge is now doing Cert IV in Instrumentation practicals at our Sydney and Melbourne Office,
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Cert IV in Elect - Instumentation - Cert IV $5,000 (GST FREE) Voltedge is now doing Cert IV in Instrumentation Bris Office only, expanding to Sydney soon......

“Volt Edge is opening a Training facility in Sydney, what it means to our students is we will be able to not only teach EEHA but also High Voltage in Sydney, our 400 Sq m facility with two training rooms and parking for 20 people.....

“Volt Edge is now able to deliver Cert IV in Hazadous Areas, it is done in two sections EEHA in class and the Cert IV gap Training online.

Volt Edge opens new improved training venue at Eagle Farm. The new training centre 750 sq M opened 1st of March 2014 with facilities unsupased in the industry......

If you complete one of our courses (EEHA or HV) the second course will have a 10% discount.......

As of 15th April 2013, we will commence delivering the new High Voltage Switching courses. HV Switching Operate, Develop and Perform and High Voltage Switching Coordinate. Click on the Training Calendar to check out the dates and register.....